MIMI THE CLOWN - Solo Exhibition
Vom Freitag 9. Mai bis zum 5. Juni

Am Freitag Der 9. Mai ab 20 Uhr
mix by Piou Selecta DJ !!

We are proud and amused to invite Mimi the Clown for one week of residency in Berlin, in order to invade the walls of our sexy-ugly city and to prepare the first solo exhibition of his works in the field of silkscreen and stencil (re)production.

Mimi the Clown is a piece of art of it's own, wich we would maybe classify in the "auto-muses" mouvement, means: he is the subject of is own pictures. The clown he decided to become, is evolving as a punk and naive critic of our society, uninvited in our daily lives by appearing on the walls of our city (do I have to explain the point about street art again ?)

"Made in Franz" Mimi arrives from north of france*, where he also worked together with Alain Buyse on silkscreen (re)production of his work. He is also really active in Paris, and used to visit Berlin several times already. We hope to produce thru his residency, some new silkscreen and stencil works.

*yes, like le Serigraffeur en Chef...
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