Oliver O. Rednitz - Litekultur
Architect and Artist

14. Dezember 2016 - 20:00 Uhr

With his poster series 'Heldenreise' ('Hero's Journey') Berlin-based artist Oliver O. Rednitz creates spiritual sculptures that transform public spaces. He follows the tradition of 'social sculpture' (Joseph Beuys) and questions and inquests the notion of increasingly privatized public space in modern cities. Public art, in Rednitz's view, makes it possible to return the urban space back to whom it belongs - people. The space is reconquered by the audience through the perception and co-creation of the art pieces. 

In his latest works, Oliver O. Rednitz critically examines commercial propaganda. He deals with large scale collages on the cities' billboards, using fragments of advertisements and promotional materials. Extracting images and slogans from the brands' posters, he forms new messages that often have religious, or spiritual meanings and communicate the word of acceptance and love. The commercial propaganda is therefore being neutralized.

With his more dynamic projects - installations and happenings - Oliver still explores the opportunities of cityscapes and creates a playground where citizens can easily come together and communicate with each other. The happenings often employ diverse techniques - from street art to workshops and interactive installation.


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