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26.August, 20Uhr
-on day only-


For the end of this Summer we invite our good friend Julien Paccard to presents his skateboard and video project COLOR FOOLS wich also happen to be Illustrated by one of our Artist Elna Oo and is the occasion of a short retrospective in addition to the Illustrations and Silkscreens made for this project, together with video projection and the gathering of Berlin's finest skateboard scene.

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A simple idea but also a quasi impossible mission: only skate spots of a pre-selected color... This is what Julien Paccard and his seven disciples have managed during 18 months. Follow the result unfold, one color after another, starring:

Marc Leblanc
Stephane Zanette
Sylvain Bergasse
Julien Morin
Paul Anguenot
Julien Paccard
Gabriel Zufferey
Adrian Ponget

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