Freitag 28. Februar
ab 19Uhr


For our next exhibition we're happy to invite you to discover the art of Graphics Flower Shop (Kwiaciarnia Grafiki in Polish), serigraphy and design workshop who will present serigraphy works from various artists including themselves. 

They are proudly promoting silkscreen technique and arts, organised more than 20 exhibitions and invited artists who often made their debut with the technique
Among invited artists there were: M-City. Maurycy Gomulicki, Chazme, Sławomir Zbiok Czajkowski, Marcin Zawicki, Arobal, Marcin Chomicki, Rafał Dominik, Vera King, SP38, Cindy Lien and many more.

Graphics Flower Shop is run by two pillars are the illustrator Marta Kwiatek and the activist, graphic artist and cyclist Henryk Kwiatek. Both fascinated by modernist aesthetics and floral motifs. They recently engaged in saving Warsaw velodrome Orzeł Nowe Dynasy.


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