Siebdruck Arbeiten von Mathieu Pauget (Paris/FR)
06.10 - 02.12.2017

Freitag der 6. Oktober ab 18 Uhr
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We are happy to host the first Exhibition of Paris-based artist Mathieu Pauget, with a collection of exclusive prints that might be the most detailled Silkscreen prints ever exhibited at Serigraffeur.

born in 1989 in lyon, he studied drawings, etchings and screenprinting in ensad paris, Mathieu Pauget is the co-founder of Atelier Co-op in Maison-Alfort, near Paris. In this workshop, he continues his work between etchings, screenprintings and drawings. alternate command, and personal work. After visiting Atelier Co-op in January, and sticking arround long enough to make him open a folder and show us his personal work, we gave him 9 more months to complete a serie of works that are now to be shown in Berlin for the very first time.


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