NASIN NASA - the comic series

29. JUIN


Join us for the official launch of Nasin Nasa, the new comic from visual artist Vacon Sartirani. Set in the weirdly fleshy and coloured world of Vacon’s imagination, this bizarre comic series has a peculiarity: it appears to be written in some sort of alien hieroglyphic language! This because it is the first comic series entirely written in toki pona, an artificial language created by linguist and translator Sonja Lang in 2001. Confused? Intrigued? Bewildered? Thats good. Come and have a taste for yourself of how alien comic books can look like!

The artist will be present to confuse you further.


NASIN NASA - sitelen musi - open

o tawa tomo sitelen! lon ni mi mute li open e sitelen musi pi jan Wakon nimi “Nasin Nasa”. sitelen toki li toki kepeken toki pona. toki pona sitelen li kepeken nasin nimi sitelen sitelen. sitelen ni li musi li nasa mute. sina tawa tomo sitelen la sina musi mute mute!

jan sitelen Wakon li lon tomo sitelen.


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